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Will my insurance pay for this?

Insurance Coverage FAQ | Fischbach DentistryIt depends. Every insurance plan is a little bit different. Sometimes one plan will cover a procedure or treatment and another plan won’t. Some general guidelines:

  • Just about every plan covers preventive care. Some even cover it 100%! It’s important to note, however, that some insurance plans limit how many cleanings per year they will pay for. If you have a condition like periodontal disease, Dr. Fischbach may recommend more cleanings than your insurance will cover.
  • Most insurance plans will not pay for treatments that are done for purely cosmetic purposes. For instance, if you have a tooth that is discolored but still functions well, we can cover it with a crown or veneers, but your insurance may not pay for it.
  • Insurance plans may pay for a portion of advanced treatment, but you may still have a significant portion of responsibility. Some insurance plans are realizing the long-term benefits of dental implants and will at least partially cover them, but many still do not.

As we plan your care, we will review your insurance benefits and let you know how much of a treatment your plan will cover as well as which portion you will be responsible for. We will always help you maximize your benefits so you can make the most of your coverage.