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What Are the 3 Biggest Benefits of Dental Implants?

Biggest Benefits of Dental Implants | Fischbach Dentistry

Dental implants have quickly become the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth, and this is because they not only replace your tooth, they also protect your oral health. When you understand how a dental implant works, you'll see how beneficial they are for your wellbeing. Here are three of the biggest benefits of implant dentistry in Saint Paul, MN.

They Provide the Function of a Natural Tooth

A dental implant replaces your root with a titanium post and your tooth with a porcelain crown. Titanium is biocompatible, which means that it will naturally integrate with your bone and create a solid foundation for your new tooth. Your crown is custom designed to match the form of your natural tooth, which provides the same function of eating, chewing, smiling, and talking that you had before.

Implants and Oral Health

Without a root to support, your bone begins to deteriorate. Without a replacement tooth, your healthy teeth begin to shift. The post of your implant is placed into your bone, which keeps it stimulated and protects from resorption. Your implant crown fills in the open space and keeps your teeth from shifting, while also complementing your smile.

Implants Offer Great Longevity

Your dental implant is easy to care for, as you'll be able to brush and floss normally. Routine dental checkups are important for Dr. Fischbach to monitor the health of your implant and the surrounding gum tissue He'll use x-rays to ensure that your bone is healthy and properly supporting your dental implant. With excellent home care and consistent dental check-ups, your implant has the potential to last a lifetime, which also makes it a sound long-term investment.

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