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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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One of our goals at our St. Paul dental office is to offer our patients comprehensive, personalized care. We listen carefully to your needs and concerns and develop a treatment plan that is just right for you.

Preventive treatment is a focal point of everything we do. While Dr. Fischbach has extensive experience when it comes to restorative treatment, we prefer to prevent problems from developing in the first place. We’re pretty sure that most of our patients will agree with this approach as well!

Prevention Matters

Routine cleanings with our skilled hygienists can help you avoid a range of common dental concerns. While dental science has yet to eliminate cavities completely, with improved dental hygiene, we can significantly reduce the number that you will have in your lifetime. Regular cleanings are also a key component of preventing periodontal disease. Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults? We’ll teach you techniques and provide advice that will help you make the most of your home care routine so you can keep this chronic disease at bay.

Regular check-ups with Dr. Fischbach are just as important. These appointments allow us to watch for any problems that might be developing so that they can be treated promptly. This helps keep little problems from turning into big problems. Usually, by the time a person feels pain, the problem has become more complex. We’d prefer that our patients never experience pain.

Restoration and Emergency Care

Sometimes things do go wrong, and when they do, you can rely on the experience of Dr. Fischbach and the rest of our team. Whether you cracked a tooth or you woke up one morning with an incredible toothache, we’ll get you in quickly to determine the problem. If you need a restoration, we have an in-office system called CEREC that allows us to make most restorations while you wait. This means that you can leave your appointment with a brand new, customized restoration that looks great and fits perfectly.

Modern Technology for Advanced Dental Care

Dr. Fischbach is dedicated to staying on top of the most up-to-date dental technology so that we can offer our patients the most efficient, comfortable, and effective care possible. In addition to our CEREC system, we also use 3-D cone beam x-rays, which allow us to diagnose and plan care with incredible accuracy and precision. Our GALILEOS 3-D cone beam system makes it much easier for Dr. Fischbach to place dental implants since he can actually see, in beautiful detail, all the structures of your face. This means a higher success rate and a longer-lasting implant for you.

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